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We are committed to the restoration of a community based agriculture; one that is rooted in 12 principles of a "permaculture" practice:

  • Observation & interaction

  • Catching & storing of energy

  • Obtaining a yield

  • Apply self-regulation & acept feedback

  • Use & value renewable resources and services

Water into the topic here: "Water, precious H-O-H!"

I'd like to continue the conversation I see that I've already started with the David Holmgren interview. It's a very short video, but quite informative.

In fact, after ruminating on the conversation we had during this evening's PLAN Council meeting I am beginning to think it's quite possible that people are not communicating so well yet, because we're all dealing with a systemic 'etymological' issue. While a rose by any other name is still just a rose, we all tend to get swept up into semantic discussion that leads all parties to think they're not speaking of the same thing, because we have too many names or ways to reference things.

I absolutely LOVE how the dynamic work between Bill Mollison and David Holmgren has brought about such worldly wisdom. In simply observing the natural environment we have been cued to develop living systems that will thrive and in turn provide us with sustainable habitats that won’t just wilt away in a year!


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