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It's cheaper than solar panel and gives electricity at night
Sergiy Yurko

It's cheaper than solar panel and gives electricity at night

I described a new (3rd) class of solar power plants (in addition to solar panels and traditional CSP) and formulated the goals that we must achieve Now we see solar energy which is reflected from this mirror, and focused in this way, and this receiver converts solar energy into water steam. It is a prototype of one of my solar heaters. My goals are described by this formula, which leads us to the cost of solar heat at the level of 0.5 cent / kWh, and it is approximately 10 times cheaper than the cost of heat from natural gas. In addition, this cheap thermal energy can be used to generate solar electricity which is cheaper than electricity from thermal and nuclear power plants. The 2nd half of this video will describe how we can turn this thermal energy into electricity 24 hours a day, both during the day and at night. This is the prototype of my 2nd idea for the production of very cheap solar heat. I remind you that such experiments are described in detail in other videos of my YouTube channel, and this 2nd idea aims at these goals which lead us to this cost of our solar heat, 0.5 cent / kWh. Here we can see that the total construction cost of my mirror should be about 10 $ / sq. m. This is realistically achievable because my mirror consists of this mesh of steel rods worth $ 3, and this reflective film at a price of 25 cent / sq. m. The mirror of my 1st idea is more expensive, and it is a mirror version of cheap stainless steel. The wholesale prices of these mirror sheets are less than 10 $ / sq. m. I remind you that I am aiming for this cost of my stainless mirror, about 15 $ / sq. m. This is just the beginning of my experiments, which will be described in my future videos. I will also research and describe other types of mirrors for cheap solar heaters, and for example, now I am showing the idea of this American company. It is a balloon, made of this transparent film and this reflective film which focuses solar radiation. This is also a balloon, but it is very large and was proposed by this Austrian company. Its reflective film focuses solar radiation in this receiver. This German idea is the 2nd example, and the basis of this mirror is cheap and long-lasting concrete. I plan to start experimenting with the cheapest option of similar concrete mirror in 2 months. This is the 3rd example of cheap mirrors, and I have been testing these mirrors at this my solar station for almost 8 years. Of course, we know about traditional solar heaters for large solar power plants, and this is the 1st type of the traditional heaters. This is the 2nd traditional type of solar heaters, and this is number 3. This is type number 4, and now I am showing the fifth traditional solar heater type which is used by this new solar power plant in China. Unfortunately, these 5 traditional types use very expensive mirrors and systems to turn them according to the movement of the sun across the sky. Their cost is about several hundred dollars per square meter, and it is 30 or 50 times more expensive than those cheap mirrors which I will research and describe in my future videos. So, I propose the 2nd road to cheap solar electricity, which is parallel to the 1st road of these 5 traditional types of solar heaters. The 2nd road goes through experimental and economic testing of various types of extremely cheap mirrors and through maximum simplicity of our solar heaters. The simplicity gives us the following advantages: Low cost, Reliability, Small investment. Which of the two roads is better, we can understand by similar formulas, and the winner will be the road that will offer cheaper thermal energy at the temperature we need. So, it is only competition, and I am not an enemy of these traditional ways, and I believe in their prospects and ability to win against solar panels. In addition, we understand that I must find cheap options for such turns according to the movement of the sun. That is why I am looking for different options which are several dozen times cheaper than traditional ones, and i will describe them in my future videos.
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