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Life Force Canada Healing Spa Day!

Please check out the attached PDF flier for the details of this event and please do visit the Community Events page to RSVP.

Thank you!

Really appreciated all those who volunteered their personal energy and Time to complete this process. I want to thank Jay, Host of The Bridge Workshop, his books and his time to share is inner ideas and respectfully grateful for sharing his knowledge and business. I am hoping from this point on we at Calgary Plan Council can begin the next few baby steps to get the show on the road. Much Respect and Love my beautiful Tribe, my family!

This topic is all about building on the parallel society. Let us come together in our virtual community once a week to add reminders for ourselves how to keep on building that community in the physical world!

The Bridge Workshop has been a huge catalyst in firing people up in discovering what has been done, what can be done, and for you; what NEEDS to be done.

This is the place to share what you know and feel about this.

I'd love to share some actual content here; instead I'm just creating a placeholder....

Offering A High Performance Lighthouse Greenhouse Investment Opportunity. $200K by investor or investors will secure this projects mission.

" To grow exceptional Calgary food all year long in an environment that mimics natures benefits" With the basics in place which is working with the lay of the land combined with today's top leading permicultural scientists this project is in tune with the times today. The finishing of the new energy efficient building will provide a garden place that is operable all year round ready to supply a healthy yield for many. With today's yo yo environment we need to make ourselves more sustainable and growing our own food all year can make us stronger in the direction of sustainability.

Respecting what we have and can do as a team of open minded partners in this grass roots project could be a project many of us could co create.



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