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How To Be Lawful...Not Legal

I have watched several videos now listening to what David Straight has had to say on the concept of Lawfulness, jurisdictions and courts.

And so I'm sharing below notes from my view today of a video posted on YouTube where David Jose interviews David Straight in 2018 and was published by “Radio Airis”

Please forgive the fact these are simply "Notes" intended only for purposes of highlighting information we need to understand and learn about.

Also didn't help that this was copy and pasted from a the formatting could use some updates. But - not tonight. Heh.

Blessings everyone.

Just know where you stand.

THE THREE JURISDICTIONS WERE SET UP BY THE VATICAN IN 1455 King of Spain converted the trusteeship of the land to Man Common (natural or biblical) law - (land to man) Admiralty (contract) law - Sea (the monarchies) Trust (ecclesiastical/canon) law - Air (the Vatican)

Juris = law Diction = language

Be wary of the words we use in our daily discourses. Governments are incorporated. Thus they must adhere to corporate bylaws governing business. Thereby they operate in defacto or in the Color of law. Unless we give our consent to abide. The Supreme courts ruled that all the rules, statutes, ordinances, codes or executive orders are not laws. These are in fact, “bylaws,” which they hold you to through your consent.

PERSON - an office or entity (not a man or woman) Citizen - employee of government Resident - someone there temporarily to do business (the zip code we use puts us in the District of Colombia)

Constitution states that only congress may pass law. However every act of congress since 1869 has a line included that says this act shall not affect… What is a true conspiracy? We have civil rights and privileges as a person citizen or resident… --- SO. Is this what our founding fathers wanted for us? No. They wanted us to be State Nationals! Instead they are all different nations which united to enjoy simply 19 essential governmental services only one of which is in the preamble, and the rest is in the constitution. Everything else should be provided by our states from the smaller to the larger. However we are currently plagued by an inversion of this structure; one of the primary reasons “government isn’t working” WE haven’t been part of the process as we should have remained all along! We’ve pretty much existed in contract or admiralty law ever since the last actual law was passed. Cities and counties and states are even incorporated. Jails are privately held corporations. Supreme law is our constitution and treaties. United States Human Rights Department isn’t such a bad office --- Those who have assembled this government and have been operating it over the years have been running the long con. How does an agency operate this? No one could sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror if they knew what was really going on! So people are “just doing their jobs” in a compartmentalized career. Good honest people ‘just doing their job.’ An indictment at the bottom it says, “A True Bill” By the way, what about that birth certificate and every other certificate that has a CUSIP number registering us again. --- Government wants your Cest. Que vie trust; set up by them at our birth as a way to fund governent Three ways they can acquire it: They can find us guilty of a misdemeanour They take our children Or we die and the estate is settled - a balance is achieved - and as the estate lives on in perpetuity wherein a sweep account is generated and they can pull Income tax goes to fund the bankruptcies of the government Our court systems collect $1,000,000,000,000 a day! That’s One Trillion dollars. No full and honest disclosure at the end of the proverbial day as to how things are funded and why. Ouch. --- Instead of starting out with an honest approach and allowing people to honestly balance the books as we went forward they go the other way; Our mothers walk into a ‘foundling hospital’ All hospitals and churches around 1912 were identified AS foundling hospitals, which were understood to be a “safe place to abandon children born” They have a baby…where all she’s thinking about is having this baby and getting home, and of course she’s handed all these papers by the staff. She is told this is just to get your baby registered with a name. Just to put it into the system. So she signs these papers ‘as an informant.’ Defined as someone who gives someone up to another. She’s not told about this distinction. Given the mother’s disposition this ‘contract’ should be null and void - but this is never disputed. This in fact gives the State Title to the child. The state registers that baby with the department of Human Resources Human Resources ie human capital. Slavery If you were born between 1933 and 1975 you were bonded for $630K and insured for $1M at birth If after 1975 you were bonded for $1M and insured for $2M! This bond amount is on ‘bond’ paper, with a CUSIP number that is an investment control number through the United States treasury. Every cert we get seems to generate even more of these thus creating more “perceived value” as we are bought and sold on a market every day. In fact, every time a child is registered that’s another $1M of credit for the state! Here’s the story in the language of the contract: * The baby is delivered through a birth canal * To a Doctor or the Doc(k) * The baby is a vessel, an entity or ship if you will * Given a bill of lading and * Taxed forever This is why a CPS agent or an officer can enter our home without any warrant or due process can come into our home and take our children as we have not claimed our child. --- What if we can learn what to say to remove the consent we gave away without due process and legitimately under the eyes of God? Is the warrant even lawful?! No. It may very well NOT be. There must be a claim or affidavit that backs up what they’re saying Otherwise under the color of law. What if they have the ‘threat of force’ behind them strapped to their hip. Be nice. You must know enough law to describe kindly to the officer or agent how they are depriving me of my property or my child….KNOW THE WORDS All the Constitution states is that we need to be ‘Safe and secure in our papers and our identification.’ All we should require is a Passport. What matters is having the right jurisdiction WE need to be more self-governing and stop giving our consent to the ‘Walmart’ agents who only show up generally to tax you in way or another. Know the language of your jurisdiction; and know your rights. --- David Straight calls out the BAR Association as a veritable mafia controlled agency. There’s a “Document” that he has gotten in front of about 500 courts…in order to get children returned to their rightful parents. Et al. --- “We’re ALL equal In the eyes of the law,” David says all really alludes to is that we’re all PERSONS or rather an ALL CAPS dead entity; nothing dead can ‘stand up.’ Until a Man or a Woman walks in Alive, Su Juris, with standing, stands upon their own rights, and establishes their status standing and jurisdiction - now you’re above everyone in the room as you’re literally the only one standing and a non-entity; not just a piece of paper. In order to establish this Status standing and jurisdiction you must stand firmly on a couple of rights; Right to self determination. A free agency to do this. This is foundational. It’s up to me to determine this status. Standing. And jurisdiction. My right of redress of grievance. Someone has done something I totally disbelieve in against me. To open a discussion and debate Establish My status then. Am I a State National? As the Geneva convention says, ‘A We The People - ‘ Do we have this limited diplomatic immunity? Unless we have harmed another or someone else’s property We the People are the ones who created Government. The U.S. Citizen was created BY government by the 14th amendment to the Constitution, which by the way - was never legally ratified to which proof exists to this. it was signed by a secretary. This amendment shouldn’t even exist in the first place!! USC and Title 8 The U.S. Government considers anyone who is not a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National to be a Resident Alien. We live ‘somewhere else,’ and are a free inhabitant. We were supposed to be Washingtonians, Floridians, Oregonians…etcetera. Except we all ‘gave consent’ by becoming U.S. Citizens. We are held under presumption of law to be: A Person A Citizen A Resident “Privety of Contract.” And to maintain this we should follow all 8 elements of a contract! Privety of Contract means they can’t sell it to a third party without our permission. Ie….mortgage being sold to other parties over and over? All mortgage contracts might very well be fraud As with property descriptions and property in general has in large part been stolen from us; again by compartmentalized idiocy. --- PROPERTY Land Patents can only be granted they cannot be deeded or sold! So what happens is Real Estate is sold, which is everything from the dirt, UP.. Your land just happens to go along with it! Skullduggery to the Nth degree! --- US Code - IRS Code - LEARN this stuff so you can rightfully go forth lawfully 1040 is an income tax return….income is money earned on investments! Stuff you do with the wages after you’ve already made the money. But our labor isn’t! Because people really don’t understand what or how they’re filling out the 1040 - in fact they shouldn’t even be filling that out! --- De Jure = By We The People in short. However we became De Facto by becoming incorporated over and over again. They use the corporation the same way Joe Blow would - to Cover Their Proverbial Asses. CYA --- Do we follow the ‘Process of Truth & Lending?’ Laws What about the ownership of the courts. Private versus Federal versus…what the heck….under contract - most of what is “Federal” is not sanctioned by the Supreme Court…only contracted to perform services. --- HISTORY Read the letters and journals of the time; for example President Lincoln was a communist, and only because the banking system putting big money behind him, being a BAR assoc. attorney. Our government died the day 11 congressmen walked out…. Abe Lincoln signed Executive order #1 which put the grand army of the republic in charge of the federal government. Then made himself commander in chief of the army. Then he bankrupted the original Virginia trading companies in the original United States of America and reincorporated them as the Delaware Corporation. Before George Washington our country was originally known as the confederated states of America. To which there were 13 Presidents of the confederation The South reclaimed that name and became a separate nation. It wasn’t a civil war over what we’re told….it was really about separation governmentally The war was between the three nations of the south the north and Texas. BAM….de facto (without fact) Now with the advent of the internet and free speech….the bad guys out there are having to pay homage more and more now because people are waking up to the BIG CON. --- REPUDIATION & THE NEVER PERFECT AFFIDAVIT 90 pages; a living document because there’s no way for people to play it perfectly. The BAR assoc. wants to confuse you with “jurisdiction” whereas they really should say ‘venue.’ Everywhere they operate they’re dealing in Admiralty law. Police Officers for example are simply acting as revenue collectors and in a position of enforcing policies established by private corporations. At some point in time one must stand up and speak ‘enough is enough.’ Do it peacefully of course. We really must STOP the fraud. --- RULE OF THREE Amazing! Dad has mentioned this - I thought it was disconnected and just a philosophy! Tell them what you’re going to tell them…. Tell them…. Tell them WHAT you told them! William Wagner. Federal prosecutor for many years. He learned about the fraud the hard way. He stood up time and again over the years. Remember however - the mafia treats their sheeple as examples….y’know - like the mafia would. BAR assoc. Probably very much why David and other associates have torn up their own card! British Accreditation Registry (B.A.R.) circa 1940 BAR Associate. This is with the foreign registrations act. William Wagner did a video about 2017 regarding being stuck in a lawsuit the couple couldn’t escape from. They were driving without licenses. --- MOTORING I’m just traveling in my private automobile upon the roadways. NOT motorvehicle on the highway…otherwise I’m using the wrong words for the jurisdiction. Be sure I’ve my Passport on me. --- SU JURIS Of one’s own rights. If you tell the court one time and the judge will call you Pro Se, which means “professional self” dictating you must follow the same rules as the attorney because you’re still ‘representing’ your dead entity. No. I’m “Su Juris.” he says okay you’re in Pro Per. Ha, which is still a professional person. I don’t want to represent myself. I AM myself here. So likely over three times I accept being here Su Juris. They inadvertently or purposefully insist you take an attorney. Their Motto is: No fact or truth shall be tried in court. Whhaaaaaat!!!??? So this means everything is being tried by hearsay, and no evidence. They will first attempt to be represented by an attorney automatically makes you incompetent You can’t use the Document with an attorney, because we lost Will try to get us to contract with them by signature somehow… or hold a competency hearing to declare you incompetent this way where they can assign some kind of label. Remember Doctor Patient confidentiality no longer exists after Obama Care. It all goes into the state or federal database where the doctor is presumed more dominion over you personally than they are worthy of legitimately. --- BECOMING A STATE NATIONAL There are particular forms that must be acquired and filled out that are required to do --- Filing Motions = a plea = pretty please judge; which is not what Men & Women need to do. We file: Notices, Affidavits, Orders, Demands, & Claims We have contracts or we don’t. And if I’ve a problem with that contract I can obey it, rescind it, or handle it appropriately. By the way in a contract - when you draw a box around an item in it that element is now no longer part of the contract. State of Illinois AG office website - history tab; the stated attorney generals office was out in place to serve and protect the interests of the crown. In fact many states all have or had this posted. Some have begun to pull this language in an effort to maintain the lie and the big con. So much in the design of federal courthouses still emulate the overall architecture of ships. All the courthouse is is one great big bank. Ha. A courthouse pulls in a lot of profit! No wonder the younger generation is all about the book. Roman port law. --- We need to take back our country one community, town, city, county at a time.

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