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Springing Forward To Summer In Calgary!

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It was a great event! Even when the rain comes we can still come together to promote community connections during Calgary PLAN Council's first in-person event at the Quick Grow Super Center.

Many questions were asked and answered; and wow! What a beautiful synergy we had where one person didn't have an answer someone there did, and everyone had an opportunity to learn something new about what was available to us in the community to kick start and improve our natural environments.

A whole lot transpired on this event...there's a whole lot more that we could say. Perhaps this is a blog post you might want to return to in order to find more experiences on this event shared. Different perspectives!!

The poster is included above as a PDF!

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Jun 14, 2022

This was a successful first community event and opportunity for all of us to meet and connect. It all came out of our discussion with Ancient Brown Bear Child about food security which inspired an idea by Lorae to do a food rally. We wanted to co-create a simple starting point; to seed into our consciousness the importance and ability to grow indoors because of our long winters. We managed to find the support of a local business owner who is an expert in hydroponics and indoor growing game. Darren from the Quick Grow Supercenter is great local resource to the community with his 20+ years of experience in the cannabis industry. He shares a wealth of practical tips, t…

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