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Public PLAN Council Meetings

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The agenda introduced the following topics:

1. Vaccine Choice Canada- Ted Kuntz

2. Personal Wellness Event Flyer

3. YYCROCKS- Practitioners in the Park

4. Canadian Frontline Nurse (CFLN)- Lighting up Dark Corners

5. Private Residence to Private Hospital

* Ancient Brown Bear is moving as quickly as possible to attract to the private hospital.


6. Bridge BPE Question 1 Disscussion - to the question, "What Do I Want?"


To have a lodge where I can be free to visit my friends without fear of judgement and a place where healing is actually celebrated and actioned.


I want the freedom of speech to think and speak critically and to offer my services as an artist/designer


To be happy and to be free to help my fellow man as I see fit and as my strengths dictate.


Communal work where the more skilled teaches the less skilled - some of which done at come up with appropriate vendors to my business and the group I am associated with.


communicate meaningfully with each other and sharing a place will be nice; I want to work with plants and rocks


Support progress in a self sufficient manner


Joy, and celebration amongst me and my coworkers; a place to be where we can achieve things without concern; a school that teaches good spiritual teachings


To make enough money to exercise my free will; to teach more; to have as part of the bridge model an educational component where we may teach our crafts and our skills to others; to own our own farms!

Ancient Brown Bear Child:

Health care and the Beemer clinic to get going for the people; to be able to travel without hindrance of lack of money


Kai wondered about Brown Bear's plan regarding her home invite. Today was a gift-sharing day. Brown Bear requests that we essentially connect with her on an individual basis. Come in with closed eyes and soak in the energy first.


7. Common Law 101

  • Kai sat in on a presentation recently by Patrick-Oliver of the Sheridan family and Jeanette-maria of the de Boer family...

  • L - land, A- air, W - water

  • common law: is the unwritten law

  • natural law: laws of nature - God's Law

  • contract law: everything in our current system is rather based more and more upon this level of legalese. Policy enforcement

  • Mark: I came across an article today on the Highwire report with regard to the scope of PMA's on farms such as the Amish Miller Farm.

We tabled the rest of discussion as the hour had already reached 8:15pm!

8. Self Determining Status of a Sentient Being

9. Unreported Income- NOT on a CRA T1 Form

10. Attorning to Canada's Income Tax Act Office (or, why is the name in ALL CAPS?)

11. Private Domain Bank


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